2017 Top 5 Accounting software for Bakers & Sweet Makers

Business Help for Bakers & Sweet Makers

Rachel the Intern
(aka Rachel Medina)
Social Media Marketing Intern, Sweet Fest

Quick! What comes to mind when you think about your finances?

If you got a little nervous, don’t worry! I know accounting, bookkeeping and finances are not as fun as frosting and sprinkles, but when it comes to the nitty gritty details of your business, it’s IMPORTANT to know what’s up. Those numbers on your financial statements are important and shouldn’t be ignored or brushed aside while you finish icing those yummy cupcakes!

With that being said...keeping track of your finances doesn’t have to be hard! Online resources are available to help keep your business is order, and to also keep you stress free. That may sound too good to be true, but believe me they exist and...some of them are free!

Below are the top 5 Accounting Software that could help you stay on track...

Article Overview:

2017 Top 5* Accounting Software for Bakers and Sweet Makers

  1. Quickbooks Online
  2. Cake Boss Cloud
  3. Crafty Base
  4. Wave
  5. Freshbooks
  6. **Bakenomics (BONUS)**